I work with the Babblers' musical and make their dolls that they tour with. It is fascinating to see how small children are attracted to big eyes, simple shapes and a friendly expression without a lot of details.
My figures are all "head feet". They have a simple shape that is easy to grip for small hands.
I got the idea for the Worris characters this spring when Corona gave many of us extra time.
I get fabric over in my other production. In this case, recycled fleece from Italy, super fine quality. Bump-free, great to wear and Oeko-tex certified. My leftovers are just enough for a Worris that is about 15 cm high.

The name Worris is a play on words with my brand Wilma & Morris. Worris is close to worries which means anxious, anxious and then comfort is needed.

  • Head feet
  • Recycle fleece
  • Recycled upholstery
  • Oeko-tex certified
  • Stitched eyes with embroidered pupils.
  • A watchful eye, a sleeping eye
  • Silk loop on the side that is cozy to touch

worris bear

worris piglett

Worris dog

worris elephant

worris horse

Worris cat